Breakfast at Gloria Jeans Coffees

I’ve recently started going out for breakfast a lot. The reason might be because it allows me one extra meal where I can socialize with my friends.

Since Gloria’s food is usually really bad, I wasn’t expecting much of a breakfast. Ordered the cheese and tomato omelet and I was very pleasantly surprised. The helping was quite large and the omelet was done to perfection. The toast was crisp and warm and was served with some jam and butter. The omelet was accompanied by sausages, beef strips and stacked potatoes.

For coffee I had an espresso shot which in hindsight was a bad idea since I’m really not hardcore enough to consume such concentrated coffee. Will stick to my regular cappuccino from now.

The Gloria Jeans at Dolmen City Mall Karachi was our chosen venue which provided us a great view of the sea from the recently opened balcony seating.

Overall the experience was great.

Food: 8/10

Ambiance: 8/10

Value for Money: 8/10

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2 thoughts on “Breakfast at Gloria Jeans Coffees

  1. Shooshi! says:

    espresso shots are cool if you want to go through the roof warna regular cappuccino is good enough! 😉 The not to cute waiter did ask for a confirmation remember!? 😛


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