Shia Genocide in Pakistan

This is a list of all the Shia killings that have taken place from 1963 till 1st Jan 2013.


Dharna in Quetta

Image Courtesy: The Express Tribune


Shia killings are heavily under reported but this time thanks to the brave men in Quetta, through the power of social media people are being educated of these atrocities. Sit ins (dharnaas) have been going on not only all over Pakistan but even in other countries such as London and in Italy.

There is just one question to be asked: Why can a free democratic government supported by a free judiciary and backed by the world’s 7th strongest army not protect it’s citizens?

Please, support the protests. In any way you can. Because if you don’t, tomorrow, they’ll come after you too. They’ll always find a reason to turn humans against humans to divide and rule.


Dharna in Islamabad

Dharna in Islamabad

Protest in Italy

Protest in Italy

Protest in London

Protest in London



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