My FATBURGER Experience

Tried FatBurger for the first time yesterday.

I was slightly uneasy going into the fast food joint because of the bad reviews I had heard about the customer service, particularly one incident where the manager had misbehaved with a few customers.

I was pleasantly surprised though. The customer service was the only extraordinary thing there. Whether they have changed their policies (or implemented them properly) after the flood of complaints on the internet or not, I don’t know. But my server ‘Frank’ was extremely polite and courteous and willing to help with everything.

The waiting time was not more than five minutes and I got my jalapeno fatburger pretty quickly. The taste was average, nothing too fancy. The beef would have tasted better if it hadn’t been so dry. A few more shots of mayo would have made it much more edible. After I requested Frank to get me some mustard, I was much happier with the taste.

The skinny fries were the same quality as McDonald’s. The FatFries were a disappointment though. Too bland. I’d rather pick OPTP for fries anyday which is right across from FatBurger in the Dolmen Mall foodcourt.

Free refills made me happy and I had the Nestle Peach Iced Tea with my meal.

Overall was a good experience.

Taste: 7/10

Ambience: 7/10

Value for Money: 6/10

Customer Service: 8/10

At the end, I’d still say my favourite burgers in Karachi are from Mr. Burger. I’d rank FatBurger with Hardees Karachi, below Mr. Burger and McDonald’s.


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