Being a Foodie, On the Other Side of the Bridge

Food is love. Food is happiness. Food has the ability to transform a suicidal soul into a content person and a PMSing woman into an angel.

Foodies everywhere will agree with me on the importance of having the particular thing one is craving at the very moment. It feels like Manna from heaven.


Foodies living on the other side of the bridge (Gulshan for example) will also agree with the fact that we don’t have many delivery options when it comes to ordering in.

ImageImage Source:

What do we do then, when struck by a desperate craving for sushi? Or for 14th Street Pizza? Or even decent seafood for that matter? I had to work to find out the answer, but I shall be nice to you dear readers and let you in on the solution.

It was a sad Tuesday afternoon, everyone was at work and I was home sick. I was passing my time tweeting and playing candy crush on my phone when the gastronomic beast in me suddenly roared loudly. Upon investigation into some self discovery, I realized that I was craving pizza. You know what they say about pizza right?


Image Source:

At that particular moment, I wanted to have great pizza and I wasn’t quite in the mood for some desi pizza from a tiny shop or Pizza Hut for that matter. Like with any other life changing decision, I had to consult my tweeps about this.


In no time, I had been directed to All I had to do was enter my city and location and boom! It gave me a list of all the restaurants that were delivering to my area at that moment. I further refined my search to just pizza and there I had a list of all the restaurants that I could order some delicious pizza from.


I chose 14th Street as I love their size and their taste and was completely satisfied with the experience. Even though it took an hour for my food to arrive, the wait was worth it!

Image is now safely bookmarked in my web browser for future hunger emergencies! 😀



One thought on “Being a Foodie, On the Other Side of the Bridge

  1. Ana says:

    You are so right about the gulshan part I totally feel your pain since I am from johar. FoodPanda and other such services are doing a great job in providing us convenience.


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