I Want To…

I want to take a walk with you in the autumns of Central Park

And to hold your hand as we gaze upon Paris from the Eiffel Tower

I want to take a Gondola ride in Venice while I hold your hand

And to marvel at the masterpieces in the Louvre, even when I wouldn’t understand them much.

I want to see the Mardi Gras with you. And be intoxicated just by your presence.

And then by something a little different when we go to a rave party.

I want to stroll the streets of Izmir and Istanbul, and try the special Turkish tea with some Turkish Delight. Because I know you like sweet things.

I would like to be there with you when we visit the House of God

And take awe in the splendor of the glorious caves where humanity was instructed to Read.

I would love to wake you up early on Eid ul Fitr day for prayers. And cook sweet vermicelli for you to eat when you get back home.

Someday, I wish to dive down and see for myself, the Great Barrier Reef. And perhaps also try to climb a mountain. Try, you see. I don’t think I am athletic.

All these places, I’ve heard of, and seen (mostly in movies and in pictures). And I’ve dreamt of always visiting them to marvel at the man made wonders; explore different cultures.

But today, I’d like to tell you, that I’d like to kiss you under the Cherry Blossoms in Washington D.C.

And that, is because, I can’t think of doing anything without you. Self realization comes in funny ways. I would be quite happy to share all these adventures with you.




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