Top Interactive Websites

Good user experience is one of the core factors that drives traffic to your website. This is the reason why every good Digital Agency makes sure they have exceptional designers to drive their user interface.

While surfing the web, I found some interesting interactive websites that caught my attention. Listed here are some of them:

1. Earth Quake Quiz


This was originally going to be number 7 on the list, but in light of the Earthquake that hit today, I moved it to number 1.

Built by the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management, this website is an interactive quiz that prepares you with all the necessary information you might need if an earth quake strikes in your area. It has six different settings that provide comprehensive knowledge of earthquakes 101. The interactive layout makes it easy to remember stuff.

2. Take This Lollipop


A website that teaches users about the absolute need for Digital Security and Privacy in a fun way. I won’t describe it much since it might be categorized as a spoiler. To try this experience you will need to connect it with your Facebook.

3. Kath Art Digital Agency


This website is a tour of a digital agency. It’s a one shot video of sorts which takes you around the office and let’s you meet the people who work there.  An interesting way of showing clients and prospective employees what a good agency can do!

4. WWF UK Food Wastage Story


WWF- UK made a brilliant interactive story that communicates the need to stop food wastage in a simple and fun way. A good way to present numbers pictorially, this microsite makes sure you don’t sleep through important facts!

5. Evo Energy


This website is an interactive infographic of sorts that displays stats related to the United Kingdom’s Energy Consumption over the years. Although not locally relevant, this still grasped my attention as I sifted through the pleasantly presented content.

6. The Museum of Me by Intel


The Museum of Me by Intel plays on the human instinct of narcissism and beautifully visualizes your life as if it were an exhibit. It takes information from Facebook which is why you need to connect your profile first but believe me, it’s worth the experience. After you have seen your exhibit, you can share it to Facebook so that your friends can see it too!

7. Cheese & Burger Society


When the Wisconsin Cheese Society needed to promote their array of cheese they offer, they made a mouthwatering website highlighting cheeseburgers. With a smooth and creamy voice-over by a popular Hollywood celebrity, this website is sure to make you hungry enough to want to travel all the way to the United States to have some cheeseburgers.

Do try out these websites and let me know what you think. If you have any interesting websites that could make the list, comment with the link 🙂


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