Pakistan Advertiser’s Society- Crack It 2013

CrackIt was a nationwide hackathon organized by the PAS.

The Karachi session was held yesterday at ICAP in Clifton. Around 62 teams made up of developers, designers, marketeers and strategists reached the venue at 9.00 am. They were shortly briefed on the challenge for the day.

The brief explained a smartphone company that wanted to launch with a big bang but did not believe in traditional advertising. There was one catch, they had virtually zero advertisement budget. This is where the scope of Digital media and technology was highlighted as a cost effective solution to marketing problems.

The teams took 9 hours to complete the given task, they designed and developed prototypes and strategized the accompanying marketing strategy along with it. Most teams were done before 9 pm while others chose to stay back and keep perfecting till the very end.

Something interesting that I observed was that most competitors had thought the challenge would be development heavy since ‘CrackIt’ had been described as a ‘hackathon’. In reality, it was more about the strategy behind the game/app/portal that was to be developed.

Each team’s workspace could be seen littered with empty tea cups as the contestants tried to ‘Crack It’. Participants were served lunch as well to re-energize and keep working.

The event was organized well except for one glitch which was the internet issue. The internet wasn’t working for half the teams till around 12 noon and even after it connected, it kept shutting off throughout. Many teams decided to use their own routers after they gave up hope of a fast connection from the organizers.

Internet is working, a little slowly though. All teams busy working on their ideas. Overall energy high, atmosphere serious at #PAS #CrackIt

— سیگجوول مزمل (@SaraMuzzammil) October 9, 2013

All in all, the event was a success. It helped generate amazing ideas and prototypes and showed everyone just how much talent we have in Pakistan.

Now, the teams await judgement on their ideas. For more information, you can visit:


EDIT: Our team made it to the final round of the competition!


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