Top Three Mistakes You’re Making in Your Social Media Strategy

Since the social media explosion in the 21st century, every business wants to capitalize on this cost effective opportunity to attract a larger part of its target audience to increase revenue generation. Many people have found success using this platform while others deem it useless and move on to other marketing strategies. According to me, the problem is not with the platform but ineffective social media strategy created by the marketers.

There are several common mistakes, which organizations make using the social media; although these mistakes are easily rectifiable, inability to identify them can lead to a total collapse of the social media strategy.

Wrong Platform

First and biggest mistake is the inappropriate selection of social media platform. You need to understand various platforms which social media offers; these range from different social networking websites such as LinkedIn (that has a professional orientation) to different mediums of communication like videos, posts, photos, and others. If you are operating in a B2B market (offering products and services to business clients rather than the final customer) than you should opt for more professional platforms and mediums such as LinkedIn. On the other hand if you are in service to the final consumer, go for social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (whenever it is unblocked in Pakistan that is).

Spamming Your Audience

Secondly, you should always have a narrow focus, which meaning sharing only relevant information on a relevant platform. The frequency of sharing information should also be fine-tuned; not sharing information every minute neither after every few months. If you are too general in your messages to the audience, you will eventually lose them forever; this is because they will not be able to understand the purpose of your messages. If you do not have any new information regarding your product or service, try sharing information about the industry you are operating in or highlights of any previous accomplishment or milestone you have achieved.

Social Media is not About YOU

Thirdly, do not be too ‘I/we oriented’. This means that in your messages do not frequently boast about you’re your company or organization. Once in a while it should be there to show brand/company salience but this cannot be the story with every post. As a general rule, there should be 3 ‘they messages’ to 1 ‘me message’. Direct selling is again a complete no-no; try to be smart about it by using subliminal messages.

If you are new to the social media world, I would advise you to first explore every major platform, see how other businesses are utilizing them, and then develop your own social media strategy. Or better yet, hire a professional to do it for you!

Do you use Social Media for your business? If so, do you handle it yourself or have you hired a pro? Comment and let me know.


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