Bella Vita – Now Open at Nueplex

It’s refreshing to witness new places for entertainment popping up across the landscape of Karachi. Karachiites now have countless options to spend their money, in exchange for some good food and a few laughs.

I love the fact that when I feel like watching a movie, I now have four high end cinemas to choose from. What I love even more is that these places, to compete for the best customer experience, are striving to introduce better entertainment.

Bella Vita, a name not unknown to most foodies of Karachi, has recently opened up a branch at The Place, Nueplex Cinemas. What better than a few desserts, coffee or even a proper dinner after watching the latest flick?

I visited the new branch a few days ago and was pleased to see that the ambiance and quality of food is the same as Bella Vita’s original Zamzama café.

I ordered from their gourmet menu and chose the Parmesan Chicken which was served with Mushrooms, Cherry Tomatoes and Gratin Potatoes. The Chicken was cooked perfectly and the creamy sauce had the perfect balance of flavor to compliment the tender pieces of white meat. The potatoes were a little too strong with the seasoning though and could have tasted better.

Bella Vita is famous for its gelatini, sandwiches and pizzas. Being hardcore pizza lovers, we ordered the Diavolo Pizza and it was the best thing that we had that night. The crust was thin enough to let us enjoy the delicious pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperonis and thick enough to balance the acidity and richness of the toppings.

I tried their cold coffee with whipped cream and it tasted as good as it looked.

We also learnt about Bella Vita’s December deal which offers customers a movie at Nueplex with a main course of their choice at The Place in just PKR 1000+tax. This deal is only valid from Monday to Thursday.

I will definitely be going for this pocket friendly combo to try that scrumptious pizza again!

Overall, I rate the dining experience at ‘Bella Vita – The Place’ 3 out of 5 stars.











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