You have been tagged!

The tag buzz has hit the bloggosphere. If you’re reading this, you’re tagged. Copy paste the following questions and replace with your own answers before uploading to your blog!

This is simply to get to know fellow bloggers better 🙂

The 10×3 Survey

1. Name three of your greatest fears.

Death of a loved one, lizards and heights.

2. Name three most visited websites.

Twitter, Gmail, Facebook.

3. Name three TV characters you would like to hang out with In Real Life.

Gabriel Sylar, Stewie Griffin, Joey Tribbiani.

4. Name three things you want right now.

A hug, a camera, travel to the USA.

5. Name three people you could be roomies with.

Adil, Arsalan, Ahsan.

6. Name three authors you love to read.

Dan Brown, Sidney Sheldon, William Shakespeare.

7. If you could paint the world in three colours, what would they be?

White, Gold and Purple.

8. Your three best assets?

Umm. My analyzing skills, my networking, my determination.

9. Three things that piss you off?

Lies, politics, hypocrisy.

10. Three childhood obsessions.

Powerpuff girls, Harry Potter, Disney Classics ^^



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