Lipton #BrightnessRevolution Launch with Ali Zafar!


Invite to the Tea Party!

This Saturday on the 24th of May, I attended the launch of Lipton Pakistan’s new campaign ‘Brighntess Revolution’.

Blogger meet ups are always fun but I was especially excited about this tea party because I got a chance to meet Ali Zafar!

The event was attended by leading media, interested bloggers (including Umair Mirza, Owais Haji, Aamir, Sidra Rizvi, Rabeeyah Tungekar, Priyanka Pahuja and others) and leading lights from Pakistan’s entertainment and lifestyle print media.


Bloggers Selfie!

The ambiance at Area 51 was carefully decorated to make sure the attendees felt bright and cheery to add to the campaign’s mission of bringing about a Brightness Revolution.


Asima Haq, Marketing Director, Foods, Beverages & Activation at Unilever Pakistan said, “Lipton is one of the world’s leading tea brands. It is a pick me up beverage that talks to people who love life. Long associated with music, Lipton Pakistan is launching ‘the Brightness Revolution’. The inspiration behind this campaign is to bring contagious positivity amongst Pakistanis. The hip music, Ali’s flawless dance moves, Pakistan’s scenic locations and superb direction make it a treat to watch.”




When Ali Zafar sips Lipton tea and is propelled into a song and dance no one can resist the temptation to tap their feet, learn the steps and break into a spontaneous dance. And this is exactly what happened! The audience was given a chance to learn the Liptadance. Umair Mirza and Owais Haji joined Ali Zafar and Hira Tareen (who was hosting the event too) in a fun filled dance.

We also saw Lipton’s new 50 second commercial and the Behind-The-Scenes videos from the Liptadance shoot.

Ali Zafar commented during the event:

“It has been a fabulous experience shooting the Lipton commercial because I think the initiative that the brand has taken is one of its kind. Also, the fact that this ad has been shot completely in Pakistan with a spirit of uniting all cities under the Brightness Revolution platform makes me proud to be associated with it. I tried my best to ensure that the jingle I have created for the campaign immediately makes the listeners tap their feet and spring into a dance. I’m looking forward to a lot of excitement around the Lipton Brightness Revolution and the largest Lipta-Dance of Pakistan.”

Thanks to Arsalan M. Khan and his wonderful selfie skills, I knew how to take an oscar like selfie and managed to click this memorable pic!


The bloggers with Ali Zafar!

The ad is shot by leading ad man Farooq Manan, and choreography is by Act One. Ali Zafar is joined by people
across Pakistan doing the Lipta-dance. The multi-channel campaign includes television, radio, print, outdoor, digital, in store, social and public relations.

If you want to be a part of the largest dance off in Pakistan with Ali Zafar, you can text DANCE to 8398 for more information!


Have you seen the new Lipton Ad? What do you think of it? Do let me know!


2 thoughts on “Lipton #BrightnessRevolution Launch with Ali Zafar!

  1. baahirezaman says:

    A very good encapsulation of a great evening. Seems to be a lot of fun. I love the concept of Brightness Revolution and contagious positivity. Indeed something which needs to be nurtured, specially considering the ongoing media madness which is actually seeping into individuals like slow poisoning. No amount of investment in positivity and life is enough.

    Coming to the TVC, I, as a common viewer, believe Lipton could have done much better. Points mentioned here are not only from myself but by friends as well who, by chance, were discussing this TVC last night. There is no ingenuity to be honest. One person getting up dances for any reason, starting from mobile phones, to mobile service providers, to Pepsi, to Lipton now and a group of people joining in creating a flash mob is something seen a lot now and Ali Zafar seems to be a part of it all. The ad is not a clutter-breaker. After reading your blog and learning of the concept behind the campaign, wonders could have been done. A brand like Lipton needs to think out of the box.

    For me, the concept is brilliant and must be nurtured, however, the communication is average to fail.




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