Transformers- Age of Extinction [Not a Review]

The fourth movie in the Transformers series hit theaters this past week and much thanks to the team at Oreo, I (along with a few other bloggers) got a chance to watch the premier show at Ocean Mall.

Oreo collaborated with the T4 in a worldwide campaign with 35 countries including Pakistan! If you want to see more from what happened at the premier, check out the #OreoTF4 hashtag on Twitter.

Optimus Prem

[caption by Imaan Sheikh]


With @aey and @amk at the premier


Trippy Optimus

Although this was the first movie in the series that I saw (don’t hate on me), I loved it! I’m not a fan of action movies but these giant fighting robots really won my heart.

The story-line is complicated and engaging, with moments that will leave you both laughing and gripped to your seats.

I won’t be posting a full fledged review here but will talk about something that caught my attention in the movie.

It was the heavy brand placement seamlessly integrated into the story line.

  • Oreo:

You will spot Bumblebee next to two Oreo vending machines in the movie.

  • Budlight Beer:

The heroes will crash into a car carrying Budlight beer.

  • Victoria’s Secret:

A VS truck will be clearly visible in the China part of the movie.

  • Pill by Dr. Dre [potential spoiler]

While testing out the transformium, Stanley Tucci will make the Pill by Dr. Dre appear out of nowhere.

  • Samsung + Philips

What’s interesting is that both Samsung and Philips get the same frame in the movie. You can see both billboards float in the sky as the Autobots fly across it in full speed.

  • The Cars

And last but not the least, you will be able to see some of your favorite transformers in brand new shape. You might spot a Bugatti, and a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. You won’t be seeing the Peterbilt 379 though.

Fans of the original transformers series will be happy to see the Dinobots and Galvatron in action 🙂

The movie is laced with product placement and I’m sure I haven’t mentioned it all, especially a lot of Chinese brands. If you saw something that I missed, please do comment and let me know!



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