Magnum Store Opens In Karachi, Pakistan for Pleasure Seekers!

Magnum Pakistan unveiled the first ever Magnum Store in Pakistan on Sunday 14th September 2014 to bloggers at an exclusive Digital Launch. The Magnum Pleasure Store is dedicated to pure and unadulterated enjoyment, where the ultimate experience of Magnum pleasure is brought to life!


Magnum has created this totally unique and never-before-seen store experience for Pleasure Seekers around the world and now Karachiites will be able to enjoy the familiar Belgian Chocolate and delicious ice cream combination at the comfort and ambience of the Magnum Store.

The Magnum Karachi Pleasure Store, located at Clifton block 7, lets consumers enjoy their favourite luxury ice cream brand the way they like it. The concept of ‘Make My Magnum’ allows you to design your own personalised Magnum at the ‘Magnum Bar’.

You can enjoy the Pure Belgian Chocolate experience with an array of unique toppings where you can customize your Magnum and make it yours. You can choose from 2 uncoated Magnum ice-cream sticks, 2 dips and 14 unique toppings

My favourite toppings are honey comb, crumbled oreo and nuts!

At the launch event, renowned bloggers were given the exclusive sneak peek of the ‘Make My Magnum’ experience. It comprises of 6 simple steps, Coat it, Top it, Drizzle it, Set it, Share it and Love it!

After enjoying their personalised Magnum, the bloggers were treated to some fun activities such as a ‘Magnum Pleasure Hunt’ and the ‘Make My Magnum Challenge’.

The bloggers took a picture with their customized Magnums and nominated four of their friends on social media to the ‘Make My Magnum Challenge’. If the tagged friends fail to make their own Magnums in the given time frame, they would have to treat the nominator to a Magnum of their choice!






You can visit this link for more pictures from the event:

Have you visited the Magnum Store yet? Join the conversations at #MagnumKarachi on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

For all those not in Karachi, you can still enjoy the ultimate Make My Magnum experience online! Design, caption and share your own customized Magnum by clicking here:

The Digital PR event was managed by Creative Chaos and the BTL team was from Empact.


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