Exclusive Interview with Asrar from Coke Studio 7!

The moment I heard Asrar’s song on Coke Studio 7, Sab Aakho Ali Ali, I was immediately enthralled by music and the lyrics. That is why when I got the opportunity of interviewing someone from Coke Studio 7, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to ask Asrar the following questions:

Me: When did you begin doing music?

Asrar: Since my childhood I started composing melodies for me. I also used to write lyrics and after that had my training in eastern classical music from Ustad Sultan Ahmed Khan in Hyderabad.

Me: Who or What is your inspiration for doing music?

Asrar: The sound of guitar, dhol and flute inspired me a lot, then my teacher Ustad Sultan Ahmed Khan has inspired me a lot. He is a great human with a pure soul.

Me: How did you find the experience of Coke Studio?

Asrar: It was just amazing. Infact I am honoured that Coke Studio gave me a platform to join such great musicians from our country and work with them.


Me: What is your dream collaboration? Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Asrar: The one and only Abida Parveen Jee.

Me: Can you tell us a significant moment of your life that affected you deeply?                       

Asrar: I consider my birth as a miracle which has led me to explore myself. 

Me: Lastly, since I belong to the Digital Marketing field, I have to ask about social media in your life. Do you think the feedback you receive from Social Media platforms is a driving factor or is it overwhelming to receive so many comments from your fans?

Asrar: In Pakistan the channels we have are mostly news channels and there are very less opportunities for people in the music industry. At this point of time the social media is playing a major role to promote the artists. I consider the feedback of my fans very valuable and regularly go through the messages.

So here you go Asrar fans! He reads his messages on Social Media! Be sure to drop him a line or two on Twitter or on Facebook.


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