Launch of Barista Lavazza in Karachi


The opening of Barista Lavazza was held at Dolmen Mall Clifton where the cafe is situated. The soft launch was attended by notable lifestyle and food bloggers, media personalities and supporting patrons.


Bloggers at the launch

I found the ambiance sophisticated and casual, the perfect mix for a business lunch or coffee.

We were served items from the menu and in my opinion, the Pesto Pizza and Bruschetta is really worth trying. Authentic Italian flavors and strong aromatic coffee made the food the highlight of the evening.



Barista, owned by Lavazza is Italy’s largest coffee company and is the world’s sixth largest coffee roaster. There are over 200 Barista Lavazza Espresso Bars and Barista Lavazza Crèmes in over 30 cities across India. Barista Cafes are also located in Srilanka, Oman and UAE. With the first cafe in Karachi, Barista Lavazza’s objective is to provide an authentic Italian coffee drinking experience in a warm, friendly environment for Pakistanis.

The Coffee culture in Pakistan is expanding with consumers not only looking for the best coffee but also for the environment in which it is served. It is for all coffee lovers irrespective of age. Coffee enthusiasts will be glad to know that every cup of coffee at Barista Lavazza is brewed using the espresso method. Recognized by connoisseurs as the best way to extract the flavor and aroma of each coffee bean. Each Barista is certified in the art of coffee making to ensure guests receive the perfect cup of coffee.

We were not told of the price points in the menu at Barista but we were told that it provides the finest Arabica coffee and cuisines at great value prices.

Recommended items are Espresso Italiano, Espresso Macchiato, Cappuccino, Caffe Latte and Caffe Mocha.


If you are a coffee lover, do try the place out and let me know how your experience was. 🙂

You can find pictures from the event here:


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