Cyclone Nilofar- What would be your regret if it kills you?

Being the crazy person I am, my brain took me on this line of thinking when the entire office was hyped up about the impending Cyclone Nilofar. My immediate reaction was ‘Does anyone have a nail polish remover? I’d like to pray one last time’. This got me thinking. If not praying was my biggest regret, what does that say about me? And similarly, what would other people regret the most if they were to die right now, at this moment?

I asked around and these are some of the pretty interesting responses I got from people:

Question: If the Nilofar Cyclone hits right now and you die, what would you regret not having done in your life?

Farhan Shaikh: Dunya nai ghoomi

Raameen: As such no regrets. But I should have visited Dubai.

Faisal Imtiaz: Shadi nai ki

Hassan Kanchwala: I shouldn’t have come back to Pakistan

Tehmina Lodhi: Parents ke liye kuch nai kia

Ahsan Saeed: Jab main yahan se chala jaunga to main khatam nai hunga, ye dunya khatam hojayegi. Apni anay wali zindagi ke liye mainay kuch nai kia.

Farhan Suhail: Teri kutton ki tarhaan pitaai nai ki ab tak

Yasir Ali: Kaash mainay zyada bola hota

Fatima Malik: Family ke liye kuch acha kar leti

Imtiaz Noor: I haven’t helped out enough people. Enough people who will remember me after I’m gone.

Aisha Randhawa: If the storm hits, I would want to be with my parents. Not at work. With them.

Zahra Rangoonwala: I shouldn’t have fought with my mom in the morning.

Waleed: Kaash main shaadi karchuka hota

Zayn Ali: Dubai jana tha

Nazish Yousuf: [After a long pause]… it doesn’t matter. No regrets.

Alize Rizvi: [I regret] Not being the person I was raised to be.

Faizan Lakhani: Not meeting you 😉

Piru Saein: A road trip around the world alone just with my cameras.

Sabir Shah: Not being famous enough to be remembered

Zeba Waqar: I’ll regret not being able to see Cape Town before I die. Haha.

Safi: No regrets.. maybe [I should have been ]a better human being

Samra Muslim: I am not a person who believes in regrets in life. But I have unfulfilled wishes and a bucket list of things I haven’t done. Like places I haven’t seen (still 84% of the world), food I haven’t eaten, and even things I haven’t done like walking behind a waterfall or going on a jungle safari.

Saad Ilamdin: If Nilofar hits right now and I were to perish, the biggest regrets would be of not doing anything for the prosperity and well being of Pakistan. All I ever did was look for my self interest. Not able to help that guy whose wife (mother of two) was in ICU fighting for life. Other than that I was not able to overcome the fear of water and heights.

Kashif Jamal: [Not doing] Monica Bellucci

Samia Baleegh: Hmm. I would regret wasting too much time on useless things and not living to the fullest.

Abeer Kathawala: I would regret not telling my parents how much they mean to me. I would regret not forgiving the people I had the time to forgive. I really want to do so much for education in Pakistan. So I guess I would regret not working hard enough to leave the legacy behind like I wanted.

Khushbakht WaqarWell, there are a few things. I will regret not being able to witness Imam Mehdi’s and Hazrat Isa’s reappearance. I will regret not being able to see Naya Pakistan. I will regret not being able to see the under-privileged children study in the schools and the deprived patients getting free treatment in clinics/hospitals which I am helping to develop. I will also regret not being able to see myself and those who are close to me succeed in our life plans. Aur tumhari shaadi na attend karne ka bhi kaafi afsos rahay ga.

Amber Zulfiqar:  I would regret not having to meet my best friend whom I haven’t seen in a long time.

Hareem Deeba: I’d regret that I couldn’t make my name in the field of arts so that one day my friends and family could point out famous artworks telling everyone proudly, ‘Hey! This is Hareem Deeba’s work and we know her personally’

Abdullah Tariq: I don’t know. If I have time to think about my regrets, I have time to fix them too.

Spot on Abdullah!

So everyone who gave me a quote and all those who are reading this, if you’re alive, you still have the chance. Fix what you want to change in your lives so that you have no regrets when you die.

“To the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”- J. K. Rowling



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