Where is the Christmas Tree?

Once upon a time in a land not very far from here lived two clans, peacefully coexisting for thousands of years. Every Christmas, the two clans would celebrate their peace and agreement by putting up a forty feet tall Christmas Tree at the Town Plaza.

The Scarlets clan with their great strength and resources would select the finest of all the Christmas trees and the Luminos clan would decorate it with meticulous care and affection.

Sadly, this time, it was not the case. The Chief of the Scarlets suddenly decided that they could decorate the tree themselves and it wasn’t really that difficult of a job. They started looking down upon the Luminos and told them that they weren’t doing a very good job of it.

In turn, the Luminos clan got very offended.

“What do the Scarlets think of themselves? All these years we have been trusted with the task of decorating the Tree. They can’t just take it away from us!”, said the Queen of the Luminos.

After much dissent and argument, the King of the Scarlets and the Queen of the Luminos decided to build two separate trees that Christmas.

Finally, Christmas Eve arrived and everyone gathered at the Town Plaza expecting to admire not one, but two grand Christmas Trees.

”Where is the Christmas Tree?”, a young child visiting the Plaza asked his mother.

”Where is the Christmas Tree?!”, bellowed the King of the Scarlets and the Queen of the Luminos in unison.

One of the workers, it is not known which clan he belonged to, asked for permission to speak.

“My King and My Lady, for thousands of years our two great clans have kept the tradition of our ancestors by celebrating Christmas together. Christmas for us means trust, love, hard work and unity. With these eliminated from our lives, we failed to put our Christmas Tree together.”

The King of the Scarlets and The Queen of the Luminos were ashamed of themselves.

”I am sorry my Lady, for not trusting your clan with the decorations. From now on, I entrust you completely with the adornments of our Christmas Tree” said the King.

”And I am sorry, brother King, for being equally disdainful. Come, let’s celebrate the spirit of Christmas as we have always done”.

With their petty issues left behind, that year, Christmas was celebrated by the Scarlets and the Luminos in complete harmony once again and the miracle of the season was rejoiced by all in lands far and wide.4207371742_c825466c16_b

So you see, it’s not about who thinks they are the best when it comes to doing something. You might think that you know it all but if there is no trust and love between you, you cannot possibly succeed.


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