Flawless Skin, Just a Few Steps Away

My arrival in Dubai has been very exciting, to say the least. I am enjoying the food, the diversity, the high rise buildings and the happening events that have hit me as soon as I’ve got here.

One of these events that I had the pleasure to attend was the beauty bloggers meet up hosted by Bio Oil. Held at the luxurious Marriot Marquis Hotel in Business Bay, the event was attended by some renowned beauty experts.

The event had an interesting make over session and then after being served refreshments, we were briefed about Bio- Oil.

I had heard about this product many times before but never really got around to using it. This was my chance. This award winning wonder product is the elixir for youthful looking skin, all over your body. Made from plant extracts and vitamins suspended in oil base; it is hypoallergenic and non-greasy, making it suitable for all skin types.

The best thing about Bio-Oil is that it can be used however you like it. Whether as a moisturiser, lip balm or nourishment for nails and cuticles; Bio-Oil is your skincare specialist.

My favourite way to use it has been to end my hectic days with a few drops of Bio-Oil in my bath to experience tranquillity. I also massage it onto the darker spots on my body such as elbows, knees and a few scars on my legs.


We were told at the event that Bio-Oil helps lighten scars but it takes 6-8 weeks for the results to show. So at the moment I’m waiting to complete this span of time before I can review it. However, the noticeable changes in my skin are as follows:

1. My feet, which I hardly ever took care of, are soft and supple now. Especially my heels feel very smooth and velvety after a usage of a week.

2. After a bad session of bleaching my face at the salon, to my horror I could see skin chaffing. But after a week’s use of Bio-Oil, it is starting to heal.  (Remember, if you have clogged pores, use a few drops of Bio-Oil instead of a night cream and then cleanse/wash in the morning followed by a toner)

3. In this dry weather, applying foundation to dehydrated skin can be a disaster. I apply a drop of Bio-Oil before applying foundation and get a smooth, non oily flawless finish. At the end of the day I also use it as a make-up remover that cleanses off every trace of make up without ripping the skin of its natural oils.

If you have spots, pimple marks or stretch marks, I would recommend you use Bio-Oil for the treatment. Like I mentioned, it takes around a month or two to show results but it’s worth the wait. Bio-Oil has won 167 skincare awards and has become the No.1 selling scar and stretch mark product in 17 countries.

You can get Bio-Oil at leading pharmaceuticals all over UAE 🙂

Have you used Bio-Oil? How was your experience? Comment and also give me more tips for flawless skin!


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