Tripda – New Car-Pooling service in Pakistan!




We were recently invited to the launch of Rocket Internet’s latest venture called, Tripda. Tripda is a new car pooling service in town which allows people to offer a ride and share their travelling cost with passengers. Their motto is to provide safer, more convenient and cheaper services for people travelling all across Pakistan.

Tripda is already been operating in 12 countries around the world including Malaysia, India Brazil and the United States. After its tremendous success in these 12 countries, Rocket Internet has now introduced Tripda in Pakistan.

Tripda is available on web and mobile app platform. It basically works like a platform where passengers and drivers taking similar journeys can meet and share their travelling cost. (more like a travelling match-maker)

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Now let’s see if a trip with Tripda is worth-taking or will it trip you over (I hope not!)

Here are a few highs and lows that can be taken into consideration before choosing to start a ‘Tripda’ journey.

Tripda can provide quick solution to passengers who’re looking for a ride. All you need to do is go to Tripda’s website or mobile app, find an appropriate ride and there you go!


Tripda is cheap, very cheap! This works in the favor of the passenger. It has a price calculator tool which gives you an estimate cost of your journey based on the miles being travelled. It offers prices as low as Rs. 10 to commute from Naheed to Dha. Now that’s really wonderful, considering the usual travel cost incurred using public transport or metro cab.

Yes, Tripda is social – (as the team claimed) You not only get to share your travelling cost, but also get to make new and perhaps cooler travelling buddies!

Attention to all forever alone-rs, life’s thrown another chance at you to hang out and make some friends along the way.


Couldn’t think of another way to describe my sentiments for this super cool privacy filter that Tripda offers. You can choose to make your post visible only to ladies and get an option to select a ladies driver only. For every woman who feels uncomfortable in travelling with paki boyses, there’s another women waiting to offer you a ride only at Tripda!

Money-making Opportunity:

Or I should rather call it an effortless money-making opportunity but this is for people offering a ride only. It’s just another passenger for you and most of the people are travelling alone anyway. Isn’t it great that now you can make money out of this? And who knows you might one day come across the woman/man of your dreams. This way you get to be your own rishta aunty as well.

Tripda lets you choose the ride of your choice. Even though we all love are riksha rides to the core (yes, we do) it wouldn’t hurt to drive in a comfy atmosphere without getting your hair and makeup ruined (right girls and guys)



Security Threats:

Even though the Tripda’s Country Manager for Pakistan, Mr. Ahmed Usman claimed that Tripda is safe and secure, which I personally do not agree with (along with a lot of people I know). What if the driver is a mugger? What if the driver thinks we’re a mugger? What if the lady soni pari offering a ride is actually a vehshi rakshas in real life? Whatsoever, Tripda doesn’t seem to care. Even though this is exactly how majority of the brands works, considering that this service is being launched for paki peeps, a sense of security has to be given and a trust factor has to be built for the business’ own goodwill and success.

One sided deal:

If we consider it form the driver’s point of view, Tripda might not come across as the perfect bargain deal. Just imagine, what if the passenger he is offering ride to smells of onion? All this struggle for just Rs. 10. Doesn’t seem like a wonderful deal now, does it?

Well, of course if someone is offering a ride just to help someone out that’s another thing then.

Greatest-test of your decision making power:

Believe me when I say it, this might cost you better than deciding your very own jeevan saathi, since like most rishta aunty’s Tripda isn’t going to come save your ass afterwards God forbid if any mishap occurs. Tripda’d be like ‘Maana ke rishta hum laaye they, per aap ne khud hi pasand kiya tha.’

But if you’re a daredevil like dakkar waka (spelling error intended) and you’re born to take risks in your life then this might be your chance to live on the edge.

In the end I would just wish ‘Best of luck’ to Team Tripda and the people behind it. It definitely is a one-of-a-kind, innovative and useful initiative by Rocket Internet and has the potential to take car-pooling services in Pakistan to another level with the passage of time. I honestly believe that ‘Tripda’ might have to begin with a bumpy ride and hope to make its way through in the market considering the current situation of the country. One cannot completely overlook the security concerns and risk involved but I guess that there is no harm in trying it once and seeing and experiencing a professional car-pooling service. Who knows this ‘trip’ might work in your way!




  This post was written by one of this blog’s representatives, Fatima Malik. She is a Digital    Marketeer and blogger based in Karachi. To find out more about her, visit her profile on Twitter.




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