Silver Lining #PakvsInd


I know your heart is breaking. The green and white paint on your face is probably messed up because of the sweat and if you’re too dramatic, tears. It hurts doesn’t it? Defeat. Well, I’m going to take you through the five stages of grief my fellow Pakistani cricket enthusiast.


No. This is not happening. It’s not possible. We’re the best. We were doing so good. This isn’t true. There must be something wrong here. THEY CHEATED. Yes. They’ve put their kaafir black magic spells on the pitch. Bas. Warna hum kaisay haar saktey hain bhei?




Afridi and Younus. You bloody h*****s. And you Indians. You dirty cheating Indians. Let’s rip out their intestines and feed them to the crows. We don’t know exactly how you did it, but when we find out…*glares*

You better not sleep. Cause we’re coming to get you.



If we would have prayed more, maybe we would have won? Shit man, I should have recited ‘Ya Fatahoo’ like that forward message said and sent it to all my friends. Shit. Oh God why?



Let the pain take over. Feel it fellow fan. Feel our loss. India will be in the final, might even win. We’ve lost. Yeap. I know it hurts.


Let it all out.



It’s okay. It’s just a game. I mean, ‘tum jeeti ya haaro suno, hamain tumse pyaar hai’ right? That’s gotta mean something. And we did have some good moments in today’s match.

Misbah was superb. Afridi is still as cute as anything. Pakola still tastes great.

Hey. Let’s celebrate anyways, use those damn patakhas and show them we can handle this. We still support our men in green. Because let’s face it.

We’re still better looking.


At the end, THIS:


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