#LiveItAbhi in the Summers

Summer is here and is leaving no space for us to ignore it’s presence. The sun is glaring in our faces all day long and the longing to visit the beach live on the beach has quadrupled.

What do we do to beat the heat this summer? We stare at Fawad Khan’s gorgeous face as he takes over billboards, thanks to Pepsi. Yes, that’s right. Pepsi has collaborated with Pakistan’s the subcontinent’s heartthrob Fawad Afzal Khan to bring you a refreshing new advertisement this summer.


What’s better than daydreaming about Fawad Khan? Well, daydreaming about Fawad Khan offering you a chilled bottle of crisp and ice cold Pepsi. At least one of the two things is within your reach yes?

Pepsi has a history of collaborating with winners to come up with winning campaigns aimed at refreshing anyone wise enough to choose it. From the likes of the legendary Micheal Jackson to the divalicious Beyonce, Pepsi makes sure it chooses people full of spirit and edginess to represent the brand’s persona.



And our very own Fawad Khan is no different. If you want to be a part of the summer revolution and live every moment like your last, grab a can of Pepsi cola, groove to the new Pepsi jingle and get to it! #LiveItAbhi!


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