#GrandeAffair – Toyota hosts bloggers’ meet


For the launch of the Toyota Grande, Indus Motor Company organized a day of activities for Kar        achi bloggers on 22nd August 2015. The day-long event was fully aimed to engage bloggers with first-hand, end-to-end experience of Toyota’s presence in Pakistan. We assembled at Creative Chaos HQ in Clifton and from there, filled into vans and embarked on our journey towards Port Qasim.

It felt like an excursion trip from way back in school, as we sang songs, cracked jokes and introduced ourselves to each other. After an hour or so, we were there.

The one word that comes into your head when you first enter the IMC facility is ‘precision’. From the neatly mowed grass to the abundance of safety signs, this facility gives the average person what I like to call ‘corporate jitters’. Being an impulsive and chaotic person myself, I don’t do well with neat spaces and strict procedures. But upon further insight, the importance of these procedures became extremely clear: A sign that said ‘This is an accident free zone. The last incident happened 357 days ago’.

Of course they have to be precise. These are the people who create cars. Cars that mobilize a ginormous number of people to be able to commute safely from one point to another.

After an elaborate lunch *burp*, we were divided into groups and taken on an exclusive tour of the manufacturing facility. It was fascinating to see automobiles being assembled from the paint job department to the test drive unit. Watching the globally acclaimed Toyota system in play was an experience that I won’t forget very soon. (I just wish they had allowed us to take pictures so I could have shared them here)

After a test drive round where all the bloggers with drivers licenses (sans yours truly), took the wheels of the Grande and the Fortuner and experienced what it’s like to travel in grandeur.

The day ended in perfect sync with the equity of the Grande; with a delectable meal atop a cruise boat.

A few facts about the new Corolla Altis Grande:

– Superior continuous variable transmission technology that provides excellent performance and unmatched fuel efficiency in its class of vehicles.

– New Corolla variants being manufactured in Pakistan now have more than 60 percent local components.

– The new Corolla has 760 additional parts made in Pakistan.



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