FIAP Medal Award Winning International Photo Contest!

SkyLife MagazineCalling on all International and Pakistani photographers to take part!

Flying from the center of the world to new destinations every day, Turkish Airlines is continuing to bridge the gap between worlds, while also bringing together different cultures, peoples and perspectives. In order to make the impossible possible and access new horizons, Turkish Airlines now invites all who are interested, to take part in this adventure through the Skylife Photo Contest (done in conjunction with FIAP: Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique) which centers on the theme of “Widen Your World”.

Widen Your World Photo Contest

There are those who like to venture towards the unexplored in order to see the beauty in the strange and unknown. Those who go out there with a sense of wonder to bridge worlds, cultivate their curiosity and find delight in their differences. If you’re one of them, and if you want to explore more of this great planet, Turkish Airlines is ready to take you there.

Turkish Airlines is inviting everyone who is curious about the unknown, to this adventure with the “Skylife Widen Your World Photo Contest”. It is calling those to take part, who are not content with going to the same places and doing the same things, and who also successfully photograph what they see. Photography fans will take photographs which represent their personal perspectives and visions. They will arouse, through their images, interest in the unknown and most especially will emphasize that travelling is a significant step taken to change the visions of individuals. Turkish Airlines invites everyone, who wants to change their world, expand their horizons or step into brand new worlds with this photo contest.

For those who would like to participate in the 2015 Skylife Photo Contest, all they need to do is to apply online through and upload their photographs to the website. The deadline for online applications is 23:00 pm (local time) on October 1st, 2015.

AWARDS to be won:

– 1st FIAP Gold Medal + flight tickets equivalent to 15,000 dollars,

– 2nd FIAP Silver Medal + flight tickets equivalent to 5,000 dollars,

– 3rd FIAP Bronze Medal + flight tickets equivalent to 2,000 dollars,

– FIAP Honorable Mentions (6),

– Exhibition (First 100 photographs),

– FIAP Best Photographer Award (will be handed out to the photographer whose photo will be exhibited the most and receive most awards in total).

For detailed information go to:

Please share this with whoever you think would want to participate.


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