Nescafé Basement Secures Talent for Fourth Season

Pakistani music fans all over the world are in for a treat. After the phenomenal (and then not some) productions from Coke Studio 8 delighted sufi wannabe/desi hipster/average non stereotyped audiences in Pakistan, Nescafe Basement Season 4 is about to hit the TV screens.

Yound hopefuls auditioning for NCB4

The show that captured the hearts of music lovers across the country, recently embarked on a search for fresh new talent for it’s upcoming season.

Xulfi, who has been a mentor to the talent since the first season, recently toured various campuses across Pakistan to pick up artists for Season 4. He and his team went to SZABIST, NUST, LUMS, IBA, GIKI, BNU and FC College while numerous entries have also been sent in online.

Young artists audition for NCB4

Nescafé Basement was launched with the idea of introducing young, new artists and giving them a platform to showcase their talent. Throughout the three seasons of the show that have been aired so far, it has been proven that Nescafe Basement is a much better platform for young artists to launch themselves than any other. The talent is encouraged to experiment with different genres of music as well as sounds, and gives each song their own unique and original touch.

Young drummer auditioning for NCB4(1)

Speaking about what the audience should expect from Nescafé Basement Season 4, mentor Xulfi says, “It’s always inspiring to go out and look for the young talent of Pakistan. And this year has seen the widest audition drive compared to the previous three seasons. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that the talent that I’ve discovered for this season has already excited me for the music-making process that’s about to start in a few days. I’d let the artists and their talent be a surprise for the audience. Rest assured, it’s going to positively amaze you, yet again.”

The auditions phase has now been completed and Xulfi is busy reviewing them all. The artists will be finalized by 10th October, 2015.


One thought on “Nescafé Basement Secures Talent for Fourth Season

  1. shahab rauf says:

    Hello Sara I’m a good singer plz give me a one chance and I will prove that I’m good singer so u take my number 03453525463 plz call me im waiting ur call trust me Sara ji I’m good singer thank you Allah Hafiz take care


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