Vouch365 Mobile App – Unbeatable Value!


The launch of Vouch 365 mobile application took place on the 4th of November, 2015 at Rosati Bistro Karsaz. The event was attended by prominent bloggers and Key Opinion Leaders. Representatives of leading merchants from various lifestyle categories such as Johnny Rockets, Solen Istanbul, The Patio, Toyota Society Motors, Lal Qila, Jimmy’studio, Jack & Charlie, Gon Pacci, Café Riverwood, Dunkin Donuts, Kapray, Alle’nora were present at the ceremony.

Entertainer Asia is a company that seeks to pursue a global idea and go beyond conventional marketing mediums. Towards that end, it has collaborated with over 170 Local and International brands to introduce a unique incentive program in the shape of Vouch365.
The much anticipated application ‘Vouch365’ was revealed exclusively for the first time to the audience. The two-for-one incentive program is the most secure and technologically advanced to date, in Pakistan. From exclusive dashboards, unique pins and login details, to viewing offers from over 170 brands across six categories, track of savings and viewing redemptions on the go, Vouch 365 was able to prove that it has something to offer everyone.
Vouch 365, an extension of the international Dubai-based concept, offering a portfolio of “buy one get one free” incentives, is a package for Karachiites to experience the very best in dining, leisure, beauty and entertainment venues the city has to offer. Vouch 365 Mobile App 2016, offers an incredible array of vouchers, with over 500 offers accumulating savings of 3,000,000 PKR. An added bonus is the travel incentive, with offers for over 7 destinations currently.

Vouch 365 was introduced as an application with vouchers for many restaurants, spas and activities as well as a smattering of bonus spots and a couple of hotels around the world. The restaurant vouchers all work on a ‘buy one get one free’ basis so, if you take the voucher, along with you to the restaurant, you can snap up two main meals for the price of one. In fact, you can even order a starter or salad as your main and either way.
Customers can choose between the app and a printed book, which will be launched next month. The App has been designed to offer convenient access to offers, a simple redemption process, location-based search and even a savings tracker.



Entertainer Asia wants more people to enjoy the convenience of searching for and redeeming these offers on their phones. With over 170 merchants, Vouch 365, offers customers amazing savings and unbeatable value for money. Vouch incentives can be used any time, any day provided it is not a public holiday. For every restaurant, spa, fitness club listed, the book offers three vouchers, so you can hit each spot up to three times.
Vouch 365 app is available for free download on Google play store with a selection of free offers to try from about 35 brands and will be available soon for iOS and Windows. The full package which offers over 170 brands, is available for purchase through the app and via website. As an introductory offer, consumers will be able to enjoy 14 days of free trial period plus can avail 20% discount on full package 2016 by pre-ordering through the following link: http://vouch365.com/buy/

If you like to eat out and enjoy the spa treatment, you have to get The Vouch 365 app. Don’t even think about it; just download and register. The amount of fun you can have with it is ridiculous. Because Vouch 365 IS THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE.

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