Silencing the Dark – #LALAlightsuplives

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An initiative in association with Richa Maheshwari Films and Photography, 6TH Avenue and National Association of Blind India to create awareness for the visually impaired,  LALA’s participation at ‘Silencing the Dark’ is in direct support of LALA’s CSR initiative #LALAlightsuplives where the brand collaborations such as ‘Lifestyle Pakistan in India’ in 2014, an initiative to support orphan girls in terms of vocational training programmes across the Sub-Continent.

LALA’s showcase of Gul Mohar – a collection inspired from flowers and floral patterns made use of its patterns within a variety of finest fabrics such as Silks, Wools, Marina, Jamawar and Cotton sand with embroideries, cutworks and embellishments. The collection itself encompassed an amalgamation of 90’s era style flowing towards the traditional settings that incorporated elements of culture and traditions with eastern and western cuts. The collection paid homage to the cause by supporting the idea that blindness doesn’t confine the imagination and creativity of an individual instead it encourages them to excel in various forms.


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