#NeedMorePower? Why you need the Note 2 LTE in your life

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Infinix Pakistan has become my new favourite smartphone brand. In less than a year, the brand has won over loyal customers of low end/mid range android phones with their power packed devices and impeccable after sales support.

Being an infinix user, I can personally vouch for their first device that launched in Pakistan, the Infinix Hot Note. The device was as fast as an android phone can be (hehe) and lasted two days with moderate to heavy usage. It is the perfect device for someone like me who often forgets to charge my phone.

The heir to the Hot Note, the Infinix Note 2 LTE was revealed in a grand launch ceremony at Movenpick hotel last month. The launch was attended by Zhalay Sarhady and Faizan Haque, the Infinix X Club members (who are core fans/loyal customers), the press and digital media personalities.

Yours truly hosted the event and even though you should stop reading this post right now since it should technically be biased but Allah ki kasam ek paisa nai mila (in other words, this is going to be brutally honest).

Instead of listing the specifications in the usual format, I’m going to mix this up a bit. So here goes. Here are three reasons why you should own an Infinix Note 2 LTE:

1. You are often called ‘lazy’ by friends and family

You don’t understand how it happens but it does. You have your entire day planned out, you’re feeling pumped, today is the day you conquer the world and then suddenly you realize just how cuddly soft your blanket is. Maybe, you think to yourself, just maybe, you should check your phone for five minutes while you stay in the warm embrace of this 100% polyester yarn masterpiece. Five minutes turn to five hours aaaaaand your phone is almost dead.

Now you know you should have gotten up thirty minutes ago when your phone desparately beeped it’s ‘15% battery left’ notification but YOU JUST COULD NOT MOVE. AND NOW YOUR LIFE IS OVER.

Here’s how the Infinix Note 2 LTE changes this scenario:

a. The phone comes packing a 4040 mAh battery with a 90 minute full charge which translates to up to 30 hours of talk time, 12 hours of video viewing, 45 hours of music listening and 10 hours of internet experience. In other words, Note 2 not gonna die on you my fellow lazy arse comrade.


b. The Note 2 LTE is a PHABLET. Which stands for PHABULOUS and also something that is too big to be a phone and too small to be a tablet. It’s basically the Hagrid of smartphones (geddit?). This means, the 5.98″ screen that takes up 75% of the entire front surface and comes with a stunning HD 720 x 1280 resolution is perfect for taking notes, writing emails, multitasking and even video-conferencing while snuggling up to your polyester buddy.


2. You cannot live without an iPhone

You can’t help it if you’re mesmerized, transfixed, brainwashed- ahem, by anything that has the little semi eaten apple logo on it. Even if their next product is iPoop, you’re gonna be the first person to be tweeting about how apple has revolutionized your bowel movements (admit it).

I get it, well, because I might be the person trying to beat you to that aforementioned tweet. But there’s this simply problem that comes with being an iPhone user. Firstly, the battery drains faster than you can say iCant. Secondly, WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT TO MOVE FILES IN AND OUT OF THIS *&^$ PHONE? I know it’s to protect me from “viruses” but I’m 2 rebel to be comfortable with that.

So here’s what you should do; Get your favourite iPhone/iPod model for the smooth UI and the familiar feel of being an Apple person and buy the Infinix Note 2 LTE as a secondary phone that will never die on you or restrict your file sharing/customizing needs. The reason you’ll be able to do the above is because the Note 2 LTE comes at a jaw dropping price of PKR 16,999.


3. You are a student

If you’re a student I’m going to assume a few things. You’re almost always broke, you have more than one sim card, you take a LOT of pictures (selfies or otherwise), AAAAND you have 15 different social networking accounts.

If so, you need:

  • a phone that is a good and cheap investment (since your parents won’t really buy you a high end phone).
  • a phone that has a dual sim functionality
  • a phone that can keep up with your social skills by providing you with ample battery, internal storage and a 1.3Ghz octa-core processor
  • a phone that has 16 GB ROM (extendable to 32GB) for all your storage needs and 2 GB RAM for multitasking without crashing
  • a phone that has a 12 MP back camera and a 2 MP front camera



In other words, you need the Infinix Note 2 LTE in your life.


Do you relate to one or more of the above reasons? If so, please head over to Daraz.pk to place an order for your very own Infinix Note 2 LTE and don’t forget to leave me a comment if you liked/disliked/loved/hated this post!


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