The people behind #AlbelaRahi – Pakistan’s upcoming blockbuster

It was a fine chilly night of December 2013 when Sultan Ghani Afzal and Faisal Hashmi were sitting in the Stimulus office when suddenly it dawned on them that it was high time they made a film! It was always Sultan’s dream to make a film on someone who has left behind a legacy and changed the music industry forever. When it came down to deciding the protagonist, Alamgir – the legend who pioneered pop music in Pakistan was the ultimate front-runner! And so began the journey of Project Charlie – their code name for this film.

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Project Charlie has finally been launched today as “Albela Rahi” and they are very proud of the fact that this is the first time a film is being made on a legendary pop icon of Pakistan. The idea has been polished for the past two years, the script rewritten and refined to the core and a great deal of effort made to bring it to where it is today.

“Although the concept of this film is a novel one in itself, we wanted to ensure that every other aspect of it is nothing short of being spectacular. Enter Fawad Khan – who we believe is the perfect actor to play Alamgir and carry on his legacy. We are very pleased to have Fawad on board since day one when we had shared with him the idea and script of Albela Rahi,” said Sultan Ghani Afzal.

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Commenting about the living legend himself, Faisal Hashmi commented, “We are immensely grateful to the legendary Alamgir for embarking on this journey with us to tell his life’s story through Albela Rahi. We respect him with all our hearts and cannot wait for the world to see how he transformed the Pakistani music scene with his majestic wave of Urdu pop and burning flair for stage performance.”

About Fog Catcher films

Fog Catcher Films is a new venture of the Stimulus Group of Companies that aims to conquer the Pakistani cinema by making movies that have a unique concept and storyline. It endeavors to showcase the essence of the Pakistani film industry that has been missing for a long time to both Pakistani and international audiences.

The company might be new but the people behind it are veterans in the production industry of Pakistan. Sultan Ghani Afzal – the CEO of Fog Catcher Films along with Faisal Hashmi – the CEO of Stimulus Group of Companies, the makers of ALBELA RAHI have had the experience of producing over 200 TV commercials in the past six years. They have that burning passion and commitment to the film which will make it the next blockbuster of the Pakistani film industry!

About Stimulus Productions

Stimulus Productions is a Pakistan’s leading Production House formed in 2009 and continues to expand to Far East with a new line production sister company in Bangkok with the name of Impetus Haze Films, under the umbrella of Stimulus Group of Companies. With over 200 productions since inception, Stimulus Productions has made innovative TV commercials for some of the most reputed brands while working with the top advertising agencies in the industry. It has successfully built its name in the industry in terms of creativity, quality and short turnaround times. Some of the major clients and brands Stimulus Productions has had the pleasure of working with, have been Samsung, Warid, Engro Foods, UBL Fund Managers, Lipton, Lifebuoy, Telenor Talkshawk and Djuice, K&Ns, Summit Bank, and Pepsi among others.

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