7 Compliments That Are Actually Underhanded Insults

Technology has made it so much easier to convey our opinions about things that never really mattered to us before. It takes a nanosecond to compose and post a comment on someone’s Facebook status, reply to a tweet or give your remarks about their ‘outfit of the day’ on instagram.

In a sandstorm of content being pushed our way everyday, it’s hard to decipher the real intention of the poster but some comments just stand out. Here’s the ones that always seem to catch my attention:

  1. You look great. Have you lost weight?


I really haven’t but thanks for telling me you thought I was fat before.

2. You’re so brave! I would have never been able to wear that colour/pattern


I would have never been brave enough to wear your face in public either.

3. You look so much better when you have make-up on


Thank you for pointing out that you think I look like shit without make-up.

4. You look so young!


Because aging is a crime?

5. You’re so lucky to have such a perfect life…


Yeah it’s totally luck. It’s not like I sweat out tears and blood everyday to make sure I’m successful. It’s just that I’m lucky…

6. You are not like other girls/ You’re a total bro!


What’s wrong with other girls?*

7. You’re so photogenic, I couldn’t recognize you in real life


Yeah my mother thinks I’m ugly too.

Have you ever received any underhanded compliments that you thought were actually really snarky? If so please let me know! 😀

*inspired by pinterest


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