Pepe Jeans Introduces New Happy Hour Patch Work Collection

Pepe Jeans London: ALL PATCHED UP New for winter 2016, the launch of Pepe Jeans

London’s Happy Hour “patchwork” collection, a capsule range that takes its style cues from the season’s prevailing penchant for the Sixties and Seventies.

Available in stores, the collection once again goes back to the brand’s Portobello roots, imagining a cool and classic retro wardrobe for today’s Mods and Rockers.

Think mini patch-worked denim skirts, staple jackets with panel work, mix-and-match patch denim shirts and – take a closer look to see – the old-school Pepe Jeans London logo on the buttons.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Super Model: Zara Peerzada

CEO of Magicosmetix and Journalist: Alyzeh Rahim Shirazi

Managing Partner of Fit Fibre: Amina Sibtain

Architect at Strata: Yousaf Shahbaz

Fashion Designer: Munib Nawaz

Fashion Designer: Hamza Bokhari


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