Nestlé launches the Docello Dessert Range in Pakistan

Nestlé Professional is in the process of launching their world renowned range of Docello Desserts in Pakistan.


Starting from the Docello Chocolate Mousse followed by the Dessert Magic (Soft Serve) Whipping Cream, Nestle will slowly be launching the products in 6 major metropolitan cities of Pakistan.

The Docello Chocolate Flavour Mousse Mix is a free flowing powdered mix with the benefit of added calcium, that when prepared, provides a delicious dessert, with a rich, full flavour of chocolate. While it is ideal for tempting desserts that require very little preparation, you can also use it as a creative base for traditional or modern dessert styles.

With over 50 years of experience in creating original desserts both dairy and chocolate Nestle knows how great chefs like to work. The flexibility and versatility of Nestlé Docello range is designed to allow them to create their own sweet signature desserts in just four quick and easy steps.

Docello is a magical product range which means “Inspiration from Heaven.” The products will be imported from Thailand and have been certified as Halal by IFANCA.

Nauman Khan, Country Business Manager Nestlé Professional said, “We know for a fact that a complete menu including dessert has the power to gain consumer satisfaction. And DOCELLO chocolate Mousse is an exciting opportunity for purists to presenters, all types of chefs to impart their flair and creativity in dessert menus to demonstrate and celebrate their talent.”

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