Big Thick BurgerZ – 100% Original Charcoal Grilled

If you want to eat the perfect beef Burger in Karachi, first of all you need to get the finest meat you can. Go to your local butcher and trust him to hand you the finest beef cuts that will churn out that perfect mince patty.


Next, get the right spices and sauces. For this, you’ll have to go through a bit of experimentation and research. Getting perfect taste isn’t a quick process you know. So try different amounts of seasoning on your meat.

After that, grab that grill and start heating up those coals. Make sure you don’t set fire to the rain in the process. Or your eyebrows. Or your house. Anyways. Once you have that grill sizzling hot, slap that delicious beef patty on.

Since you’re still reading I’ll assume you have little to no experience of this and are probably going to end up burning your Burger on the grill. Once you have successfully burnt it, throw it away.

Now call Big Thick BurgerZ and beg them to deliver the charcoal grilled goodness to you. Wait for 30 minutes. Enjoy.


Okay so this review is basically a long time coming.

I am personally not a fan of burgers but Big Thick BurgerZ is something that I can try anytime, any day. The reason being they have that original BBQ smoky flavour that makes you feel like you’re eating real beef, not some processed piece of meat that some others serve.

The ingredients they use are premium and hearty, and the grilling process drains them of any excess fat making them the healthiest burgers in town.

My personal favorite is their California Mushroom with the nice white sauce and Little Dangerous which is made of Brazilian chillies and jalapenos (not for the weak of heart). The buns are always fresh and the fries are always crispy, not soggy, even if delivered.


My newest fave on their menu is the chicken strips which are filled with blue cheese and served with a blue cheese dip which gives this traditional fast food item a contemporary kick.

All in all a hearty experience and very reasonably priced, I highly recommend BTB to everyone.

For more information you can check out their Facebook page at:


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