DJuice Mango Musik Festival


On Saturday evening, the 30th of April, in a then undisclosed, mysterious location in Lahore, people were gathering armed with a single purpose. To rock. And to most definitely roll.

We are talking about the djuice Mango Musik Festival of course. For the uninitiated among us, djuice is a youth centric telco brand that is committed to providing entertainment and lifestyle opportunities to the youth. Djuice believes in the empowerment that the internet brings and encourages the youth of Pakistan to broaden their horizons. The djuice Mango Musik Festival is one such initiative!

The festival celebrated the union of music and the digital lifestyle. The event boasted DJs from Germany along with local talent with performers such as Matthias Meyer, Luna City Express & Jesse Maverick gracing the stage. People could tweet about the event and see their tweets live streaming on large SMD screens around the arena.


There was no end to the fun and frolic during the festival. There were fireworks in between DJ performances and an awesome air show that concluded with the planes giving out giveaways at the end. Moreover, the whole venue was powered by free djuice internet so people could share real time updates to their social platforms.

The festival went on well into the night and the overall response was overwhelmingly positive on social media as well as from the attendees. People who didn’t get to go expressed their determination to be there next year and those who did were pumped up and declared they just had the best night EVER!

The djuice Mango Musik festival has been the latest in a series of endeavors by djuice focused on creating a digital lifestyle that helps you take your life online and tensions offline.

Djuice Pakistan collaborated with Mango Music to bring its fans and customers in Lahore a one of its kind musical night. The djuice Mango Music Festival featured the leading djs of Pakistan and Germany. The lineup included: Matthias Meyer, Luna City Express and Jesse Maverick, who flew in to attend the event. They were accompanied by Faisal Baig, Bilal Brohi, Fawad Khan, Talha Humayun and Fuzzy Nocturnal, who represented Pakistan at the event.

The festival kicked off with everyone laying their eyes on the massive projection display that was to be home to the DJs for the night. This was followed by a pyro show, which truly captured the crowd. The dance floors, the VIP lounges and the security were amongst the best that had ever been seen at any event in Pakistan.

With the event starting around 8 PM, most would have believed that it would have ended in the early hours of the night, however with the party going strong till 8 AM, the audiences determination, spirit and will to keep enjoying this breathtaking event surprised everyone.


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