Dermoviva Baby Products – Free From Harmful Chemicals

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Recently Dermoviva, a sub brand of Dabur launched their baby care range in Pakistan at a grand opening ceremony at Dolmen Mall Clifton. The launch was marked by an activation that involved educating parents of the harmful chemicals that conventional baby products contain whilst engaging their children in a fun way.


The range includes baby massage oil, soft cream, moisturizing lotion and baby shampoo, all made with the natural goodness of olive and free from chemicals such as Parabens, Pthalates, Sulphates and Paraffins which can be harmful for babies.

Here’s what Noman Khan, CEO of Dabur Pakistan had to say, ”

A child is the most precious gift to a mother, so it is the responsibility of every mom to do the right thing for her child. Similarly when it comes to choosing baby care products, none of the mother’s would want to risk using harmful chemicals on her child. There is nothing more pure than nature’s very own herbal and natural range of products that offer best benefits for the nourishment of the child

Dermoviva baby care products have the wellness of virgin olive oil, which is healthy for the skin and hair. It does not contain harmful chemicals, so have complete faith in the brand and experience it yourself!

The products are priced so that they are affordable to the masses and are easily available at local supermarkets.



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