Tulip pants vs Phulkari pants – which trend wins?

If you follow fashion or celebrities you would know the latest trends in town are tulip shalwars or tulip pants.

Credits: styloplanet

I am talking about the latest hit of this year; tulip pants or tulip shalwars. Ever since the patyala shalwar, the trend of wearing shalwars had vanished but now the trend is back in the form of tulip shalwars.

This contemporary twist to the traditional shalwar comes in lots of varieties such as plain, printed and embroidered. I got one adorned with pearls from Liberty Market Lahore for just PKR 500. 

But wait, that’s not it. In a craze for innovation and standing out from the crowd, another trend has surfaced. As far as our sources confirm it started with a picture that was posted by Sunday Times and then it caught on like wildfire. Yes, we’re talking about phulkari pants. 

These are pants made out of phulkari dupattas matched with usually a single pastel coloured shirt. If you want to possess one of these, you’ll have to first buy a dupatta and then ask your tailor to stitch it for you. One dupatta can cost anything between 1500 to 4000 PKR depending upon the seller and design of the said item.

Credits: Sunday Times

Have you given in to either of the trends? If so, please let us know where you got them from and for how much!


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