My top picks for baby – 0 to 6 weeks 

When I was pregnant, I made a comprehensive list of items I’d need when she arrived and then ended up buying even more stuff than I had originally planned. But only a few items really came through to help make my life easier. So I thought, why not share my top picks with other moms. 

1. Nursing Pillow

Even though I got this a little later on the suggestion of other moms, I can swear by how easy it makes my life. When your baby nurses all the time, you literally don’t have time to eat, much less work. As a working mother I need at least one arm free to type on my laptop while she nurses. The nursing pillow made sure she was in the correct position leaving one arm completely free. I got mine from nafees nomolood for under 2000 pkr. 

2. Nursing Cover 

Even though these look great and work effectively too, I still keep switching between these and the traditional ‘chaadar’. Covers are harder to strap on in public as compared to chaadars but nursing covers are designed so you can see the baby while you nurse which is something your traditional wrap does not offer. If you’re planning on breastfeeding at work or in public, make sure you get one and see if it suits you. You can get it from Nafees Nomolood in around 800 pkr.

3. Woombie Swaddle

Samar being my first baby, I had no idea how to swaddle her. Thankfully, I had accidentally picked up the Woombie Swaddle for PKR 1500 from Babyshop. This ultimate swaddle was perfect as it didn’t create a hassle, I could get her ready in no time and it didn’t come undone no matter what. Highly recommended especially for first time moms.

4. Wipe cloths 

You might be surprised by how much milk your baby spits up on a regular basis. Babies throw up, drool and have leaky diapers. Your best friend in these times will be those handy dandy wipe cloths. Always keep one handy if you don’t want to waste 100 boxes of tissues every month.

5. Diaper disposal bags 

You can get a packet of 250 from Naheed Superstore for less than 200 bucks. It makes diaper disposal less disgusting and is better than regular plastic bags since these are fragranced to counter that poop smell.

6. Changing pad 

Your baby doesn’t give a rat’s behind about you and your schedule. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just given her a bath and set her down on the bed to change her, she will pee when she wants, where she wants. To keep yourself from going through the hassle of changing your bed sheets in the middle of the night, always always always use a changing pad. You can get one from Naheed for a reasonable amount but I got mine with my baby bag. It folds so I can carry it around with me when traveling and fits into my bedside drawer which makes night time diaper changes very convenient.

7. Laundry basket 

You need a separate small little laundry basket for your baby. Keep her clothes away from the rest of the family’s to keep them germ free and to keep your clothes baby mess free.

8. Nursing bra and post partum clothes

If you’re breastfeeding or planning on breastfeeding, please do yourself a favour and buy some comfy nursing bras and shirts that button down at the front for easy and non complicated feeding anywhere.

9. Bottle Sterilizer  

Even though Samar refuses to take the bottle, one of the most convenient things I’ve gotten is a microwavable bottle sterilizer. Its basically a plastic container that you fill with water and bottles and pop in the micro for 5 minutes. Ta-da! No need to boil your bottles and pacifiers the old fashioned way and no need to care for that expensive electronic sterilizer. The one from Nuby cost me PKR 3000 and came with 2 6oz milk bottles.

Are there any products you would like to add to this list? 


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