One Week of Style by EGO

Whenever I’m in a hurry and absolutely need to shop for something, I head to ego. I know how easy it is to find something perfect that beautifully accentuates my curves and makes me look trendy at the same time. The best part is, it’s super affordable too. If you want to stock up your summer wardrobe with affordable smart casual ensembles, here are my top  picks that you can wear throughout the week.

If you like the look, make sure you click the link to shop it online!

Monday: Tribal


Tribal; PKR 2,450

Tuesday: Pink Overload


Pink Overload; PKR 1,950

Wednesday: North of Heaven


North of Heaven; PKR 3,250

Thursday: Galore


Galore; PKR 2,750

Friday Casual: Number One SK

Number one SK

Number One SK; PKR 3,650

Saturday: Arable


Arable; PKR 2,951

Sunday: Craze


Craze; PKR 2,750



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