#BreakingNews: Rangers to carry out operation against flash mob 

In a beautifully shot video by some college students and sponsored by a clothing brand, Pakistanis on the internet have witnessed the latest horror engulfing our nation: Dancing girls in a public place.

ALi ChauDerY ​from Facebook expressed his anger and fear in his statement: “This is so bad. These girls are from upper class and they are trying to promote West in our Islamic Republic.” 

When asked about the number of street harassment cases in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan directed at non upper class women and what he thinks should be done to prevent them, Mr. ChauDerY appeared to have signed out.

Princes$ AneeLa too had something to say. “I don’t understand what this means but it’s soooooo unnecessary. I get catcalled almost everyday while going to college and that means I should stay in my limits and avoid such public places. Its normal for men to stare at us when they want that’s why we have to pretend to be invisible, not be so bold and dance in the streets.”

JI leaders have also taken notice of the video and urged the Rangers to abandon the Karachi operation and clean up the streets of Lahore instead.
“FIRST they say beating your wife is wrong. NOW they want women to be comfortable doing their thing in the streets. What will you tell me next? The sun is a star?!”

We tried to find supporters of the video for comment but they had all mysteriously deactivated their profiles. One of them refused to give her quote for this piece saying something along the lines of ‘cyber bullying’, ‘challenging norms’, ‘free thinking females’ and ‘fragile egos’.

If you have seen the video don’t forget to post about it using an outrageous status on your social profile to show the West that in Pakistan, we love our status quo.


2 thoughts on “#BreakingNews: Rangers to carry out operation against flash mob 

  1. fizzah says:

    Y r u finding some supporters of the video???
    Ye kis kitab mei likha hai k domestic violence ya street harasment ka jawab ye vdo hai???

    Infact all these girls are just wasting there time and dancing skills in front ov all these illiterate shopkeepers who are actually unable to understand the phenomenon of women empowerment even in simple words, instead these girl wre trying something abstract for em.

    Hell of a crapy way to express a woman’s freedom.
    And this is definitely not the picture tht i would like to represent us in west.


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