All time favorite Pakistani National Songs

Its 6th September and this is the time of year when we all feel more patriotic.
National songs always give you patriotic and emotions feelings that develop a bond of love and affection to our own homeland.

Here I am listing all of my most favorite national songs if you feel like giving yourself a cheesy defence day today.

“Chand Roshan Chamakta sitara rahay”
I have strong affection with this song as i remember my father singing this for me and I extremely love the lyrics.

Chand Roshan Chamakta Sitara Rahay
Sabse Ooncha yeh Parcham Hamara rahay
Is Jhanday pe Ab Qaum ki Laaj hai
Is Jhanday pe Sab ki Nazar Aaj hai
Jaan se kion na Hum ko yeh Pyara rahay

This song is sung by all time great singer of her time Zarqa a greatest talent of all time

“Hum Zinda Qoum hain, painda Qoum hain, hum subb ke hay pehchan Pakistan, Pakistan”
we all remember singing this all time favorite national song on Independence Day or Defence Day celebrations in our schools.
“Apni Jaan Nazar keru”
Greatest of all time Late Asad Amanat Ali sung this beautiful national song and it is still alive in our hearts.
 “Maaon Ke Dua”
One of the best patriotic song sung by great Aalamgir and all time fave national song in the list.
“Jeeway Jeeway Pakistan”
Originally sung by Shehnaz Begum, of the best patriotic song which gives you real patriot feelings for the beloved country.

sung by Vital Signs, one of the best patriotic song sung by them.
I love this one line from this song

Aman o muhabat kay din day dai, hum nay hai lambi raat guzari

“Aay Jawan”
How can you forget greatest of all the time song by the legendary Awaz Band
“Aaay Raah-e haq kay shaheedo”

This song has spiritual and magical effect, madam Noor Jahan sung it during the war of 1965 to rise patriotic feelings in nation and for the support of our soldiers. This year’s coke studio 9 also featured a beautiful rendition of it that was a tear jerker because of how strong the song is and also because it features the late Amjad Sabri. 
“Dil Dil Pakistan”
Sung by Vital Signs, an evergreen classic that almost 4 generations of Pakistanis know by heart

How are you spending this Defence Day? Let us know in the comments. 


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