Three Great Places to Dine Out at in Gulshan 

There was a time when the residents of Gulshan and Nazimabad had to go all the way over to Clifton or DHA for good food. But times have changed and thankfully, a decent meal in an ambient restaurant doesn’t involve a 15 km drive anymore. 

For those of you unaware as to where to spend your money, here are my top three picks for the best places to dine out at in Gulshan e Iqbal.

1. Chop Suey

A beautifully decorated space located near Disco Bakery, Chop Suey serves American Chinese cuisine. Co-owned by the famous Chef Saadat, the restaurant boasts of a unique and original flavour that is not based on ‘ketchup’ like most Chinese restaurants in Karachi. The noodles are home made, the recipes are created by Chef Saadat and if you’re lucky you can spot him in the kitchen keeping a strict check on the quality of the food that goes out. 

We ordered Dynamite Prawns, Tom Yum Gai, Special Chop Suey Sizzling Chicken and Mongolian Beef with seafood rice. The bill came out to be 2700 PKR and we were surprised at the generous portions too! Another positive thing I noticed was the liberty to choose the serving size. The single serving was enough to feed two very hungry people and the family serving would have been enough for four I’m assuming. 

2. Pizza2000

If you are into pizza and haven’t tried Pizza2000 yet, please book a Careem right now and head over to Rashid Minhas Road to try this scrumptious piece of heaven. Located next to the famous Dacca Sweets, this is probably one of the oldest pizza joints in Karachi. Their deep pan crispy crust is full of flavour and their extra stringy extra gooey cheese provides for a mouth watering pizza experience. The best part? A large pizza will only cost you around 500 PKR. It’s cheap enough for you to try Dacca Sweets ka meetha dahi for dessert later. 

3. Big Thick BurgerZ

If you’ve had BTB in DHA then good news for you, they’re now open in Gulshan too! If you haven’t tried them out yet then let me give you a bit of an insight into the wholesome goodness that is BTB. These guys basically make the most healthiest and premium burgers in Karachi. They take the best ingredients like meat from MeatOne, Brazilian Chillies, Malaysian Potatoes and BBQ burgers on a live charcoal grill. They are the only ones in the city to use the charcoal grill and it ensures the smokiest most authentic bbq experience.

The prices are steep at around 500 per meal (including fries and drink) but hey, this sort of decadence comes at a value. I mean, they use a Swiss cheese sauce in their chicken tenders for heavens sake! If you haven’t tried them out yet, do give them a chance. They’re located in the dip shop lane near Bolan Sajji House, opposite Masjid Bait ul Mukarram. 

Are there any food joints from Gulshan that you think are un-for-gettable? 


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