Get Baby Soft Skin with 3 Ingredients from your Kitchen Cabinet

I took this off a tumblr post but can’t find it anymore so rewriting.


1. Mix one part oil with two parts sugar. It can be any oil, I used coconut. You can even use canola oil. Add few drops of vanilla essence for scent (optional).


2. Take a bubble bath or a really nice long shower if you don’t have a bathtub.


3. Shave your legs, arms and any other areas of your body that you want. If you like waxing, do that before the bubble bath.


4. Get out of the shower and scrub yourself with the sugar scrub.


5. Use a disposable razor to shave after using the scrub. This is not to remove hair but the dead skin that you have just scrubbed off in step 4. It will look grey and quite disgusting tbh.


6. Wash yourself with your favourite shower gel to get the oil off and pat dry.




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