These keyboard feminists are a nuisance

Why don’t you do anything in real life?

Why don’t you speak up for what’s right?

Why don’t you help women who need it most

Instead of tweeting and posting and posing and blocking

Surely this isn’t the only

safe space

You have in your life.

Surely you have not been asked to shut up

And shut down and shit on

For asking your own family

For your rights.

Packed away, like a commodity.


To the highest bidder.

Before it’s too late.

Before you are free

Before they see you come home after 8 PM

Before you realize you are not incomplete

Before you start speaking up for what you want and not what you should

And before your words seep into your soul and you are no longer clay to be molded

Before you start thinking it’s safe to say the words out loud that you used to type online.


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