7 Reasons why you should add Oats to your Breakfast

We have all heard this at least once in our lives;
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
And yet, when it comes to this meal, most of us are hasty and careless or right out skip it. It’s understandable since mornings are the busiest time of the day and we are just looking for a quick kick of energy that we can get from a simple cup of coffee. So why bother right? Wrong. What we eat for breakfast fuels our entire day and even helps in controlling unnecessary hunger pangs and over eating.
Your standard breakfast should be quick, delicious and nutritious. You should consume a fruit, some dairy products, protein (egg is great!) and a good source of fiber. Here are 7 reasons why you should choose Oats instead of the regular bread options for your breakfast:
1. Oats are loaded with Dietary Fiber
Oats are rich in a specific type of fiber called beta-glucan. This particular type of fiber is known to help lower levels of bad cholesterol.
2. Oats help lower your Cholesterol
Oats contain soluble fibers that help in reducing the absorption of bad cholesterol in your blood.
3. Regular Consumption of Oats can help lower your risk of Heart Disease
Oats contain a a specific type of fiber called beta-glucan that helps in lowering the risk for heart disease and diabetes.
4. Oats can help regulate your Blood Pressure
Some studies suggest that eating oats is just as effective in regulating blood pressure as taking blood pressure medication!
5. Oats are a great way to combat Obesity
Researchers believe that consuming oats not only helps in combating obesity but also increases immunity.
6. Low in Calories
If you’re watching your calories, add a cup of these babies to your diet. One cup of dry oats contains just around 300 calories.
7. Oats are packed with Vitamins and Minerals
Oats are known to contain Manganese, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin E along with others.
So ditch the Quinoa fad and grab yourself a pack of Quaker Oats from your nearest store since the world’s favourite oats are now officially available in Pakistan!
When it comes to breakfast, no one knows better how to provide a nourishing good start to the day than Quaker. This winter when oatmeal season is in full swing, the world-renowned and beloved brand Quaker made its official launch in Pakistan. 
Oats are a nutrition powerhouse; a rich source of dietary fiber, a good source of plant-based protein and it helps to reduce cholesterol in your body. With these many healthy benefits and more, Quaker Oats doesn’t compromise on taste!
To showcase the delicious and versatile nature of oats, Quaker hosted a brunch at Cosa Nostra Lahore which included a buffet of scrumptious breakfast and brunch foods incorporating oats. The who’s who of the town were there to taste all the smoothies, pancakes, granolas and salads. The admired Chef Mehmood showcased five-star recipes featuring Oats: Oatfully good omelette, Oat Quesadillas and Oat crumbed fish. You can check the recipes on Quaker Pakistan (@QuakerPK) Facebook Live videos. Bellies satisfied with the tasteful food, the attendees had similar parting comments: it was a wonderful and #OatsomeBrunch.
Note: This is a sponsored story but the facts and opinions mentioned in the piece are authentic.

7 words every new mom or mom-to-be needs to know 

Caring for a baby is a lot of hard work. It is emotionally, physically and mentally exhausting. Especially if you’re a first time mom, you’re stuck with random advice from friends and family and the worst thing is, they all contradict each other! 

The roller coaster ride can be rough because as soon as you’re settling into w routine, your baby starts doing something new. So here is my list of top 7 concepts that you should familiarize yourself with, to make sure you know what to expect. 

1. Post Partum Depression/Baby Blues

Over 80% of women suffer from the baby blues right after the birth of the baby. It’s exhausting, overwhelming and painful to care for a tiny little human that depends on you, that too with a cocktail of hormones messing up your brain and post delivery injuries. If you feel like crying for no reason, don’t beat yourself up about it, it’s completely natural. But if your baby blues last for more than 15 days and if you start getting thoughts of self harm or harming the baby you should consult with a psychiatrist immediately. 

2. Cluster Feeding

When your baby is almost 2 weeks old, he/she will go on a feeding marathon. If you’re exclusively breast feeding, you will definitely miss out on a LOT of sleep and go through a lot of exhaustion. You will also hear people around you saying that your milk is not enough to satisfy your baby’s appetite and that you should switch to formula. While there’s nothing wrong with supplementing with formula, it’s best for your baby if you can battle it out and get through this time. Your baby is actually doing something called ‘cluster feeding’ which means your baby is developing well and is naturally boosting your milk supply for the months to come. 

3. Colic

Even typing this out gives me shudders. Colic is a terrible terrible thing for both baby and parents. Since it’s such a lengthy topic, I won’t go into it but I would highly recommend you try gas drops, cycling, tummy time to help ease your baby’s pain. 

4. Congestion 

The stuff of nightmares, it is a pain to watch your little one struggle to breathe through a blocked nose. Ease the pain by using some saline drops and the nosefrida, it’s a handy device that sucks out the snot from your baby’s nose without any intrusive method such as the bulb syringe. 

5. Sleep Regression/Growth Spurt

Boy oh boy. Just when your little one is settled in a routine (probably in the 6th) month, you will have to deal with long sleepless nights once again. Because your baby is learning new tricks such as rolling over, trying to sit up and crawl, he/she is building up a lot of energy and by sleep time, is either too excited or too tired to sleep. Sleep regression is often linked with growth spurts that usually happen in the 4th, 6th and 9th month. I found that massaging her tiny legs at night helped calm her down but most times you’ll just have to wait it out. Sleep regression lasts from anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks. 

6. Teething 

Although I haven’t personally experienced this one yet since Samar is in her pre-teething phase, let me tell you this. Invest in a really good teething toy that is easy to grip and made of non toxic rubber. I invested in Sophie the Giraffe that you can get off Amazon for around $10 and it’s her favorite thing in the world. 

7. Separation Anxiety 

Somewhere around the 6th or 7th month, your baby will start to notice when you leave. Sadly, since she has a terrible memory right now, she won’t remember that you always come back. She’ll think you’re leaving her and moving to Russia. This might result in extreme clingy and fussy behavior and a crying session that will make your heart wrench. Don’t worry because eventually your baby will realize that you always come back and this will end only to begin again when she’s a toddler! 

I hope you ladies do some more research on these words and you power through motherhood like queens! 

Happy Parenting 🙂

Favourites from #qhBCW 

Can you guess what time it is? It’s the time when I pretend to be a fashion critic!

In today’s edition of play pretend, I am going to show you my favourite pieces from the Qmobile Hum Bridal Couture Week.

But first, let’s talk about… Brands! So apart from the regular fashion brands who obviously have every reason to be at a fashion show we also had glimpses Sweet Touch, Interwood Mobel as well as Jdot.

Sweet touch kept it hush on social media with just some live coverage on their official platforms. Interwood Mobel created a luxury furniture setup and called it ‘Fairytale Wedding’ and kept the hype down to a few posts by bloggers and instagram fashion reporters but their hashtag #FairytaleWedding managed to trend alongside the official hashtag #qhBCW.

The official sponsors of the show, Qmobile had spectacular coverage online via their official accounts as well as key blogger engagement. It’s interesting to note that even though the official hashtag for the evening was #qhBCW, the bloggers who were engaging with the Jdot brand used an alternative hashtag to tweet about the event that was #JDotAtBCW.

Now that I’ve stopped geeking tf out, here comes the glamour!

Hum tv bridal couture week 2016 bcw wardha saleem interwood qmobile sweet touch jdot jdotatbcw fairytalewedding qhbcw

Wardha Saleem

Hum tv bridal couture week 2016 bcw faiza saqlain interwood qmobile sweet touch jdot jdotatbcw fairytalewedding qhbcw ziggy menswear

Ziggy Menswear


Hum tv bridal couture week 2016 bcw faiza saqlain interwood qmobile sweet touch jdot jdotatbcw fairytalewedding qhbcw

Faiza Saqlain

Hum tv bridal couture week 2016 bcw faiza saqlain interwood qmobile sweet touch jdot jdotatbcw fairytalewedding qhbcw qmobile rising star HEM

Qmobile Rising Star: HEM

Hum tv bridal couture week 2016 bcw faiza saqlain interwood qmobile sweet touch jdot jdotatbcw fairytalewedding qhbcw aisha imran

Aisha Imran

djuice telenor youtube ali safina ushna shah uzair jaswal #OyeKuchKarGuzar Magobaaz city wars Karachi lahore islamabad

City Wars Celebrity Roast: The Best of Twitter


If you’re on Twitter then you must be aware of the recent nationwide trend that was #OyeKuchKarGuzar. Initiated by MangoBaaz via a flaming hot celebrity roast, the city wars soon took to Twitter and people were quick to defend their cities against the stars of the video; Ushna Shah, Uzair Jaswal and Ali Safina.

Here are some of the most popular tweets from the trend:

Turns out, the hashtag was about Pakistan’s first online movie being released by Djuice Pakistan. It’s a YouTube based movie and you can watch the newly released trailer here:




Three Great Places to Dine Out at in Gulshan 

There was a time when the residents of Gulshan and Nazimabad had to go all the way over to Clifton or DHA for good food. But times have changed and thankfully, a decent meal in an ambient restaurant doesn’t involve a 15 km drive anymore. 

For those of you unaware as to where to spend your money, here are my top three picks for the best places to dine out at in Gulshan e Iqbal.

1. Chop Suey

A beautifully decorated space located near Disco Bakery, Chop Suey serves American Chinese cuisine. Co-owned by the famous Chef Saadat, the restaurant boasts of a unique and original flavour that is not based on ‘ketchup’ like most Chinese restaurants in Karachi. The noodles are home made, the recipes are created by Chef Saadat and if you’re lucky you can spot him in the kitchen keeping a strict check on the quality of the food that goes out. 

We ordered Dynamite Prawns, Tom Yum Gai, Special Chop Suey Sizzling Chicken and Mongolian Beef with seafood rice. The bill came out to be 2700 PKR and we were surprised at the generous portions too! Another positive thing I noticed was the liberty to choose the serving size. The single serving was enough to feed two very hungry people and the family serving would have been enough for four I’m assuming. 

2. Pizza2000

If you are into pizza and haven’t tried Pizza2000 yet, please book a Careem right now and head over to Rashid Minhas Road to try this scrumptious piece of heaven. Located next to the famous Dacca Sweets, this is probably one of the oldest pizza joints in Karachi. Their deep pan crispy crust is full of flavour and their extra stringy extra gooey cheese provides for a mouth watering pizza experience. The best part? A large pizza will only cost you around 500 PKR. It’s cheap enough for you to try Dacca Sweets ka meetha dahi for dessert later. 

3. Big Thick BurgerZ

If you’ve had BTB in DHA then good news for you, they’re now open in Gulshan too! If you haven’t tried them out yet then let me give you a bit of an insight into the wholesome goodness that is BTB. These guys basically make the most healthiest and premium burgers in Karachi. They take the best ingredients like meat from MeatOne, Brazilian Chillies, Malaysian Potatoes and BBQ burgers on a live charcoal grill. They are the only ones in the city to use the charcoal grill and it ensures the smokiest most authentic bbq experience.

The prices are steep at around 500 per meal (including fries and drink) but hey, this sort of decadence comes at a value. I mean, they use a Swiss cheese sauce in their chicken tenders for heavens sake! If you haven’t tried them out yet, do give them a chance. They’re located in the dip shop lane near Bolan Sajji House, opposite Masjid Bait ul Mukarram. 

Are there any food joints from Gulshan that you think are un-for-gettable? 

To the victim 

I’ve been there. The dark pit of depression that leaves you completely and utterly helpless. Useless. Grieving and insecure. Mostly after a loved one has been taken away from us. It’s a terrible place, that pit. It’s dark and cold and lonely. And it makes the best of us take the worst decisions.

Then some day, you notice, there’s a light. And a pair of hands. Wait. Several pairs of hands, trying to pull you up and out of the pit. 

But by now, the pit has become so comfortable. Familiar. Cosy. So we let the light pass and the hands leave. And then everything we do wrong, can be blamed on the pit. And somehow we stop being accountable. 

So please. If you find yourself in the pit, look up. There are several hands waiting to pull you up. Please grab hold. We need you to walk with us again. 


Disclaimer: I’m not a psychologist and I don’t know anything about anxiety or depression. This piece is just my own thoughts based on my own experiences and observations. I am in no way demeaning another individual’s pain or generalizing how people cope with grief.

All time favorite Pakistani National Songs

Its 6th September and this is the time of year when we all feel more patriotic.
National songs always give you patriotic and emotions feelings that develop a bond of love and affection to our own homeland.

Here I am listing all of my most favorite national songs if you feel like giving yourself a cheesy defence day today.

“Chand Roshan Chamakta sitara rahay”
I have strong affection with this song as i remember my father singing this for me and I extremely love the lyrics.

Chand Roshan Chamakta Sitara Rahay
Sabse Ooncha yeh Parcham Hamara rahay
Is Jhanday pe Ab Qaum ki Laaj hai
Is Jhanday pe Sab ki Nazar Aaj hai
Jaan se kion na Hum ko yeh Pyara rahay

This song is sung by all time great singer of her time Zarqa a greatest talent of all time

“Hum Zinda Qoum hain, painda Qoum hain, hum subb ke hay pehchan Pakistan, Pakistan”
we all remember singing this all time favorite national song on Independence Day or Defence Day celebrations in our schools.
“Apni Jaan Nazar keru”
Greatest of all time Late Asad Amanat Ali sung this beautiful national song and it is still alive in our hearts.
 “Maaon Ke Dua”
One of the best patriotic song sung by great Aalamgir and all time fave national song in the list.
“Jeeway Jeeway Pakistan”
Originally sung by Shehnaz Begum, of the best patriotic song which gives you real patriot feelings for the beloved country.

sung by Vital Signs, one of the best patriotic song sung by them.
I love this one line from this song

Aman o muhabat kay din day dai, hum nay hai lambi raat guzari

“Aay Jawan”
How can you forget greatest of all the time song by the legendary Awaz Band
“Aaay Raah-e haq kay shaheedo”

This song has spiritual and magical effect, madam Noor Jahan sung it during the war of 1965 to rise patriotic feelings in nation and for the support of our soldiers. This year’s coke studio 9 also featured a beautiful rendition of it that was a tear jerker because of how strong the song is and also because it features the late Amjad Sabri. 
“Dil Dil Pakistan”
Sung by Vital Signs, an evergreen classic that almost 4 generations of Pakistanis know by heart

How are you spending this Defence Day? Let us know in the comments. 

#BreakingNews: Rangers to carry out operation against flash mob 

In a beautifully shot video by some college students and sponsored by a clothing brand, Pakistanis on the internet have witnessed the latest horror engulfing our nation: Dancing girls in a public place.

ALi ChauDerY ​from Facebook expressed his anger and fear in his statement: “This is so bad. These girls are from upper class and they are trying to promote West in our Islamic Republic.” 

When asked about the number of street harassment cases in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan directed at non upper class women and what he thinks should be done to prevent them, Mr. ChauDerY appeared to have signed out.

Princes$ AneeLa too had something to say. “I don’t understand what this means but it’s soooooo unnecessary. I get catcalled almost everyday while going to college and that means I should stay in my limits and avoid such public places. Its normal for men to stare at us when they want that’s why we have to pretend to be invisible, not be so bold and dance in the streets.”

JI leaders have also taken notice of the video and urged the Rangers to abandon the Karachi operation and clean up the streets of Lahore instead.
“FIRST they say beating your wife is wrong. NOW they want women to be comfortable doing their thing in the streets. What will you tell me next? The sun is a star?!”

We tried to find supporters of the video for comment but they had all mysteriously deactivated their profiles. One of them refused to give her quote for this piece saying something along the lines of ‘cyber bullying’, ‘challenging norms’, ‘free thinking females’ and ‘fragile egos’.

If you have seen the video don’t forget to post about it using an outrageous status on your social profile to show the West that in Pakistan, we love our status quo.

List of Pakistani Movies to release on this Eid Ul Adha.

Eid ul Adha is around the corner and all Pakistani directors are ready to launch their new hits into cinemas.
Finally this is the time when Pakistani Film Industry is growing fast and producing some good pieces of entertainment, here is something new for you on this Eid.


Actor In Law featuring Fahad Mustafa a great and versatile actor with co star Mehwish Hayat another beautiful and talented name of Pakistani showbiz industry, this time we will see Indian actor om puri in our own film, yeah you heard it right, This great story will be released on this Eid,


Most awaited film of this year produced by Reham Khan and Hareem Farooq, this movie has its vibrant colors of Pakistani culture a colorful story in which Amreena Khan and Bilal Ashraf will be seen as co stars.

Third poster of #Janaan

Another love story will hit in cinemas on this Eid, ZKKH is love story in which we will be seeing Feroz Khan and Sajal Ali as screen couple in cinemas.



Another love story story of young students will be releasing on this Eid Ul Adha.


So you don’t need to get bored on this Eid, dress up and go watch your favorite actors in cinemas and support Pakistani cinemas because this is the right time to support our own productions! 😀

​L’Oréal Pakistan hosted the graduation ceremony of its philanthropic professional program “Beauty for a Better”

L’Oréal Pakistan hosted the graduation ceremony of its philanthropic professional program “Beauty for a Better”

L’Oréal Pakistan hosted grand event of graduation of its philanthropic professional program recently in Lahore.

L’Oréal Foundation focus on two main commitments; promoting science and providing help to the most vulnerable members of society through beauty. Conveying the values of excellence, generosity and creativity, science is at the core of the Foundation’s commitments, most particularly its commitment to supporting women researchers through its “For Women in Science” program, a worldwide initiative in partnership with UNESCO. The Foundation’s other commitments, whether education/training, socio-esthetics, and reconstructive surgery, are based on a vision of beauty as a way to improve the lives of disadvantaged people and help them re-enter the world of work, a way to help them regain the sense of self-esteem and self-respect necessary for a life of dignity.

L’Oréal has been present in Pakistan since 2009. Today the subsidiary covers a range of brands from the Group’s Consumer and Professional Products divisions, including L’Oréal Paris, Garnier, Maybelline New York, L’Oréal Professionnel, Kerastase and Essie. For more information about L’Oréal in Pakistan.

L’Oréal, the world’s leading beauty company, firmly believes that beauty can be life changing. “Beauty for a Better Life” – is a philanthropic educational program with the mission to help the less privileged members of our society gain employment and a sense of self-esteem through top quality, free-of-charge professional make-up training over a period of 3 months.

The “Beauty for a Better Life” program which was rolled out with the support of the L’Oréal Foundation and in partnership with the NGO, ‘ICARE’ hosted the graduation ceremony of the 1st batch upon the successful completion.

“Beauty for a Better Life” has been implemented across the globe in different countries to bring a positive change in the lives of the program beneficiaries through top quality, extensive and hands on training programs, free of cost.

L’Oréal Pakistan doing this initiative with collaboration of ICARE NGO as are the oNGO partner for this program which is headed by Mrs. Mehreen Syed – ICARE is officially registered under the Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860. The training will take place at the IFAP, which works jointly with ICARE in Pakistan. ICARE is dedicated to providing high excellence education in the field of Makeup Artistry, skin care, hair care, styling and overall grooming in order to support entrepreneurship in women.

The graduation ceremony kicked off with a welcome note by Shahzain Hafeez, Product Manager L’Oréal Pakistan who spoke briefly about the program. This was followed by media addresses from General Manager DPP L’Oréal Pakistan, Salman Amjad and Mehreen Syed, Chairperson ICARE who all shared their thoughts on the inauguration of the educational program in Pakistan. This was followed by certificates distribution ceremony and group photograph of the graduates.

As the idea of beauty is itself associated with individuality and creativity, the program’s mission is to enable every participant experience a positive change and get equipped with professional make-up techniques. L’Oréal as an organization celebrates sustainable growth and individuality which is the main objective of this program in Pakistan.

Under the mentorship of Mehreen Syed who is the local spokesperson of L’Oréal Paris the graduates were able to get their hands on the latest techniques of makeup and styling. The extensive 3 month training enabled them to get familiar with the latest trends in beauty through a training which equipped them with practical knowledge. The aim of the program was to make the participating women self sufficient enough to support their families and helped them to get an experience through various stages of learning under qualified stylists.

The primary beneficiaries of the “Beauty for a Better Life” program in Pakistan were mainly women from disadvantaged backgrounds; unemployed women, as well as women experiencing social or family difficulties.

The “Beauty for a Better Life” program deploys customized theoretical as well as practical teaching curricula, delivered by quality instructors solely dedicated to the program’s limited number of students. The training will take place in a specialized institute IFAP (The International Fashion Academy Pakistan) which will help meet the needs of this program.

Speaking about the graduation ceremony of “Beauty for a Better Life”, L’Oréal Pakistan (General Manager DPP) Salman Amjad, “The program is an initiative to empower and educate women to make a difference in their lives. The program is designed in accordance with the international standards in theory and practice of the L’Oréal Foundation. In Pakistan, we specifically want to cater to the youth and to make them financially