Decoding the ‘Link’ in #WhatsTheLink

– Guest post by Dara Shikoh. You can find him on twitter as @dshikoh 🙂

My twitter has been going berserk lately with tweets from all over the world bombarding the fun and quirky trend called #WhatsTheLink. Then, I saw a complementing billboard saying ‘Follow the link’ which made me wonder, is there a link between the two? If so, what is this link everyone is so curious about?

Follow the link

Follow the link


Another lawn campaign, is it? I am an honest man, I have to say here that the only billboards out there that I look out for these days are those beautiful ladies keeping the Karachi skyline pleasant. The red swirls could TOTALLY be a new lawn print design. Yes?


Election fever is over. But this is Pakistan. Maybe some new dude has just realized how he needs to act for ‘change’ in this country. What better way than to use existing advertising techniques eh? The ‘WhatsTheLink’ party must have taken a leaf out of Dr. Mojtaba’s billboard advertising and the Tsunami’s intensive Twitter campaigning.


Is it finally the ultimate alien intrusion Hollywood had been warning us about?

NASA has been working on trips to Mars, they have reason to believe that life does exist there, is this, their idea of playing mind games with us? Keep us wondering what the link is, I think planet earth can do better than just going over saying ‘hello’ lets put a billboard on mars, that’s right, COMMERCIALIZE MARS! GO TEAM EARTH!


They say America is the land of opportunity, I say Pakistan is the land of opportunity, you can do anything you want, What if may be Murree Brewery finally bought themselves a permission to advertise.


Oooo.. lets have some controversy going now because I am 100% sure that this is a Zionist scheme to ruin our lives, make us poor and destroy us for good. Yes that’s what the link its. It’s a conspiracy.


If this link is just.. nothing, if its nothing at all, you know.. poof.. nothing, yes? Nothing.. ever imagined how would that be? I would personally kick that assholes ass who started this shit then, no mercy. But how do I know who started it if it’s NOTHING?


You know what? The way these things have been going the next level, may be those dhoolas and dhoolans thought, what the hell, lets have the fastest growing trend from Pakistan on twitter and a billboard, may be even a few memes on facebook to keep things light, hmmm.. yes that should suffice.


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Oh no its just superman launching himself in Pakistan, it feel like a lot of people were looking forward to it, because he has definitely made a lot of people wonder.. what is the link?

Send in your comments and tell me what else do you think the link could be!



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